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Capstone Project

For my capstone project, I knew I want to raise awareness and learn more about the discrepancies between people of color and Caucasians when it comes to education. My goal to was focus on the factors that work against people from minority communities when it comes to their education. The disadvantages go beyond our present-day and unfortunately have been rooted in our country's history. 



In Global Studies this year, I created a research paper based on my interest above. My thesis is, "Out of all the factors that contribute to improving education throughout the minority communities, the role of a teacher is more significant than we recognize."I researched and learned about some of the factors that contribute to a disadvantaged school system, how we can fix this problem, what teachers can do to help their students succeed and I will also compare America's education system K-8 to both Costa Rica's and Brazil. Now that my research paper is complete I will work on the interview process and continue to create my final products. 


These two websites above provided me with the most information for my research paper. Kars for kids provides information about an organization in Hartford CT. Our Piece of the Pie's goal is to help students obtain a college degree or help people become employed for over a year. They believe they have succeeded once the person becomes economically independent. Our Piece of the Pie targets students who are struggling in school and work, to re-engage their students, set goals, and strategies to achieve those goals. One of the topics I studied was the "Belief Gap." My paper dives deeper into this topic but here are a few of my favorite quotes from this section.  

"The belief gap is “the gap between what students can achieve and what others believe they can achieve. Undermatching, implicit bias, and talent all play a role in the belief gap that affects students."

"Less-educated and qualified teachers get hired by lower-income schools, and this places unfit and unmotivated teachers with students who have great potential."


I created an infographic that highlights the key ideas and topics when it comes to the Belief Gap. I created the infographic on an online website called Visme. Visme has allowed me to create a colorful and informable infographic that allows readers to broaden their knowledge. The topic of the Belief Gap is also seen in my research paper and this topic stood out to me as one of the most important topics when learning about the relationship between teachers and their students. 

Global Studies.jpg

Product #2 - 5.5.22
The Education System within Brazil

Product #1 - 4.422
What is the Belief Gap, and how can we fight it?

 I created a ten minute interview with a family friend who is a teacher in Brazil. We talked about the differences in education in Brazil compared to America, the belief gap and how Covid-19 has impacted education today. 

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